Transportation Line

With great desire to be at the leading edge of innovation and implementation of better means of transportation, we team up with major manufacturers of bodyworks for buses, autos, trains, motorcycles and ships in order to develop sealing systems for assembling, replacing and producing special products and body parts for each division.

When working with compounds and specific geometries, we guarantee seals that fulfil conditions such as fire and hydrocarbon resistance, isolation from noise, dust, humidity, heat, vibration, and impact, etc. On top of this, we add value through top functionality and aesthetics. We develop dense, foamy and plushy profiles, as well as injected and pressed rubber products.


We work with specific products for applications in several Automotive Industry sectors, such as:

  • Body works for buses, transport trucks and ambulances
  • Massive transportation repair shops, and heavy machinery
  • Containers’ doors
  • Vehicle and motorcycle assembling
  • Vehicle armoring companies and laminated glass industry
  • Bus windows manufacturers
  • Boats and docks industry
  • Trash compactor vehicles
  • Auto parts: air conditioning, fuels, gases and water hoses; wire shields, skylights, fiber glass parts, motorcycle helmets, gas convertors, etc. –Automotive filter industry

From our transportation line product portfolio we have:

  • Bus windshields weather-strips
  • Vulcanized gaskets for windshields
  • Bus and all-terrain vehicles side windows gaskets
  • Seals for mudguards
  • Flywheel and mudguards gaskets
  • “Z” Profiles for stationary glasses
  • Glass gaskets (plate)
  • Flocked seals and channels
  • Pressure seals (rubber profiles with metal insert) for trunks and doors
  • Windshield moldings
  • “U” shaped Profiles
  • Window edge guards
  • Wipers
  • Interior and exterior garnish moldings
  • Chassis and cabin support
  • Window railing
  • Rubber Sponge (tapes and other geometries)
  • Rubber fenders

Most featured products

  • Foams

Gaskets used to seal surfaces, isolating noise and buffering. These gaskets are well known for being water proof and resistant to extreme temperatures, on top of avoiding vibrations in other car body parts.

  • Hoses

Profiles in Rubber EDPM or Nitrile (NBR) are perfect for conducting cooling and/or heating in automotive systems. These are used for the conduction of petroleum based liquids, fuels, oils, etc. These products have high resistance to continuous and abrupt temperature/pressure changes.

  • Rubber Flocked Profiles

Gaskets that are mainly used in the Transportation Line given that they are ideal for sliding windows or for applications that require a smooth contact between the gasket and glass.


  • Rubber fenders

Fenders are protective solutions made in EDPM rubber for boat decks that are resistant to weather, rust and temperature which gives them a longer lifespan. Their main purpose is to protect and cushion the impact over other surfaces that could deteriorate the ship’s deck.

Other kinds of platform fenders have the same protective purposes like saving the vehicle from having any friction with other surfaces and to also interfere with the infrastructure as a separator, creating a break, letting it slide easily through vehicle movements.


Inside this category we produce a broad variety of seals such as washers, hubs, tapes, O-Rings and sponges that are used according to their application, system and industry. These gaskets are designed in several different sizes, shapes and formulations, especially in EDPM.