we support our clients in their multiple needs providing optimal solutions

About Us

We are a Colombian company, leader in customized engineering solutions. We develop products based on rubber or plastic, with a high technological level in formulation, processing and technical support, obtained under extrusion, injection, pressing (molding) and flocking processes. 

The values that define us

Our Principles

Integral Development

We promote in our collaborators the growth of their intellectual, affective, physical, social and spiritual dimensions

Humility / Lowliness

We assume without arrogance our own achievements and virtues accepting our limitations and mistakes.


We generate synergy through the integration of all individual and collective talents to obtain exceptional results.


We carry out our work with enthusiasm, joy and love, placing a strength above our capabilities that always leads us to improve.


We promote a culture based on attention, satisfaction and overcoming the expectations and needs of our clients, generating memorable moments to achieve their preference.


Our actions and decisions are governed by respect, morality, loyalty, honesty and transparency in the pursuit of personal and organizational objectives.


Reassurance and safety generated by the fulfillment of our commitments.

Respect for the enviroment

Our actions are committed to the care of natural resources.


Our Experience

  • Compound engineering
  • Specialized technical assistance
  • Efficient production and logistics processes with efficient quality systems

We are active members of rubber and plastic associations worldwide 

We are a strategic ally of our clients in the design, manufacture, and commercialization of products made of rubber, plastic and complementary with the integral management system, productive and administrative processes, cutting-edge technology, competent, committed and reliable personnel, ensuring compliance with the applicable legal and client requirements.
We manage occupational risk, establishing controls, to protect the safety and health of our employees, through the continuous improvement of processes.

We develop activities for the prevention and protection of the environment, and we identify dangers and risks that allow us to generate strategies to avoid illicit activities in our operations, by raising awareness of the support processes and stakeholders.

Certified quality

In addition to the ISO 9001: 2008 certification, we have certificates of quality stamps of various products both nationally and internationally for highly demanding markets such as plastic and concrete pipes, doors and windows, bus bodies, among others.